According to relevant Chinese laws and regulations, the Chinese Embassy will collect ten fingerprints of the Chinese visa applicants, including Finnish citizens, starting from September 25, 2018.

The following applicants will be exempted:

(1) Applicants under the age of 14 or over the age of 70.

(2) Applicants holding diplomatic passports, or those qualified for diplomatic, and/or courtesy visas.

(3) Applicants who apply for visas from the same Chinese Embassy or Chinese Visa Application Service Center where they have already left their fingerprints within the past five (5) years.

(4) Applicants whose fingers are either incomplete or physically impossible to be collected.

The collection of applicants’ fingerprints is in conjunction with the international visa technology development trend and will perfect the collection means of personal information of applicants. It has not increased the threshold of requirements for Chinese visa. China remains committed to improving the level of facilitation for visits of Chinese and foreign citizens, welcoming foreigners visiting China and will provide all necessary visa facilitation for this purpose.

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