Handle Double Authentication

  1. To provide the documents that you want to legalize .
  2. We need a copy of your passport.
  3.  An application form must be neatly completed and signed before you submit the application for legalization.
  4. The fee for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is 50€ per page of document.
  5. After the legalization of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs , it will continue to be legalized in China Embassy, we charge the fee for 50€ per page of certificate and €70 for each commercial/business document.
  6. Rush processing time is two (2) working day, available for collection the following working day. This must be requested upon submission of the application. The additional fee for each document is €30.
  7. Extra Urgent Processing on the same working day is available only under urgent circumstances and is at the discretion of the consular officers, the additional fee is €50 per document.
  8. We need your sending back envelopes+stamps and post back your home address.
  9. Return the envelope, write the address, affixed stamps (please do not use the printed stamps !!! post office does not recognize the print stamps, because the stamp is sent to send the date is wrong), it is recommended to use Express post, the express post next day will be able to arrive to my office.
  10. After six working days we will post it to you without holidays.
  11. Bank account number: FI7839390037081338 Receiving unit: CHINATRAVEL
  12. Welcome to consult