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(English) Tibet Cultural Tour is started in the southern Tibet. The southern Tibet is one of the most scenic parts of the Tibetan plateau, where Tibet's ancient cultural heritage can be explored against a backdrop of shifting sand dunes, forested glades, visionary lakes, and jagged snow mountain. Your Tibet cultural tour will be welcomed by the Tibetan tour guide at Lhasa airport and will lead you to the Yarlung valley, visiting Yumbu Lhakang, the first Tibetan castle and Traduk temple, the first temple of Tibet. Samye monastery which is the first monastery of Tibet.

After visiting the southern part of Tibet, you will continue your Tibet cultural tour to Lhasa which is the capital city of Tibet. You will visit the most famous Potala Palace, Jokang temple and Norbu Lingka which are the world's Heritage site. For the last day, you will have a Ganden monastery excursion from Lhasa. Ganden monastery is located to the east of Lhasa city at the distance of 60Km from Lhasa and Ganden monastery is the first Gelukpa monastery, founded in 15th century by the great master Tsongkapa who was also the founder of the Gelukpa school. Gelukpa school is one of the biggest schools or sects in Tibetan Buddhism.

Day 1
Arrival at Lhasa Gongkar airport and transfer to Tsetang.(3600Mts/ 100Km ) Shangqu Hotel or similar on B.B ****

You will be warmly welcomed by our Tibetan guide and driver and accompany you to the cradle city of Tsetang along with the view of Bharmaputra, known as YarlungTsangpo in Tibetan and the greenery valley of Yarlong.

Day 2
Drive from Tsetang-Samye monastery-Lhasa.(3650Mts/ 160Km ) Snow heaven hotel or similar ****

After Breakfast, you will start from the hotel and drive to YumbuLhakang which is to the south east of Tsetang at the distance of 15 Km. Visit YumbuLhakang. YUMBU LHAKANG is the first Tibetan castle, founded in 127 BC for their first King, NyatriTsenpo and it had been used as the palace by the respective Numbers of Tibetan Kings. Nowadays, the castle is transformed into a small chapel with a few monks. The chapel is dedicated to the statues of some of the most famous Tibetan kings including Sonagtsan Gampo. After the sightseeing to YumbuLhakang, we will drive back on the same valley down and visit Traduk temple on the way. Tranduk is one of the oldest temples built by king SongtsanGampo in 7th century. Nowadays, it is a temple with many small chapels. After Traduk, drive along the YarlungTsangpo river at the distance of 50km, have lunch in Samye and visit Samye monastery. Samye is the first monastery of Tibet and it is the mother monastery of the Nyingmapaschool or red hat sect. After lunch, we will drive to Lhasa.

Day 3
Sight seeing Lhasa, Potala Palace, Jokang temple and Bharkor. Snow heaven hotel or similar ****

After Breakfast, you will start from the hotel and drive towards Potala square. The Potala Palace was originally built in the 7th century by Tibetan King Songtsan Gampo but the one to the present size was expended by the 5thDalaia Lama. It has thirteen storey’s high with more than a thousand rooms and divided with White and Red Palace. After the sightseeing of the Potala Palace, walk around the Potala Palace with pilgrimages to experience the ancient tradition of Tibetans, walking around Potala, praying matras after visiting the Potala Palace. The Kora takes you around 40 minutes. It is also good to acclimatize to the high altitude and at the same time, you can visit a small Naga temple in the national Lhukang park, located behind the Potala Palace.

There you can see pilgrims and older Tibetans having traditional folk and circle dance.

After lunch, you will visit Jokang temple. Jokang temple is the oldest temple of Tibet, built by King Songtsan Gampo in the 7th century and it is housed to the most sacred statue of Bhudha Shakyamuni brought from mainland China by the princess Wangchen of the Tang court. Walking around the Bharkor is another interesting thing during your tour in lhasa. You will meet many different people in Bharkor.

Day 4
Sight seeing Lhasa, day hike to Sera Wutse from Pabongka temple and Sera monastery. Snow heaven hotel or similar ****

After breakfast, we will drive to Pabongka temple which is just 20 minutes drive from your hotel.

Pabongka has more than a thousand years history and it was the cave where the 33rd Tibetan King Songtsan Gamp took his meditation and it is also the place where the King Songtsan Gampo’s minister Sambota created the Tibetan alphabets and offered it to the king as a present when the King finished his meditation.

Nowadays, it is a small temple with around 20 monks and you can still visit the King Songtsan Gampo’s cave. You will start your trek from Pabongka to Sera Wutse. Sera Wutse is the small temple and hermitage where Tsongkapa, the founder of the yellow hat school used to take meditation prior to the construction of the Sera monastery.

You will trek from Pabongka, enjoying the beautiful view of Pabongka, Sera monastery and a bird eye view of the whole Lhasa city and the great Golden roofs of the Potala Palace and Jokang temple.

The small trail takes 2-3 hours to reach the top where Sera Wutse Hermitage is, from the top, you will see the most beautiful panoramic view of the Potala Palace, Sera monastery and the whole Lhasa city including the Jokang temple and it’s beautiful golden roof.

From Sera Wutse temple to the Thangka wall of Sera monastery, it takes you 1 hour to trek down.

When you arrive in Sera, the monks will have already started their philosophical debate in the famous Sera monastery’s debating courtyard. You will enjoy the monks debating which is something that you should not miss during your trip to Tibet.

Day 5
Excursion to Ganden monastery and back to Lhasa, 120Km. Snow heaven hotel or similar ****

You will start your tour at around 9Am and drive along the Lhasa river dominated by beautiful Tibetan villages and flocks of yaks grazing on side mountain of Ganden monastery. After an hour drive, you will reach Ganden monastery. Ganden monastery is one of the six biggest Gelukpa monasteries and it is the mother monastery of the Yellow hat school. If the time permits, it is worthwhile to do a Lingkor, monastery outer Kora.

Day 6
Day trip to Yamdrok lake (4470m/100km)-Lhasa (3650m/100=200km) Snow heaven hotel or similar ****

After breakfast, start your Yamdrok lake day trip and drive through the Kyichu valley and Gampala pass with many zigzags. After driving two hours and half, you will reach the top of the Gampala pass and enjoy the spectacular view of Yamdrok holy lake and Mount Noejing Kangsang (7191m). Yamdrok Lake is a freshwater lake in Tibet, it is one of the four largest sacred lakes in Tibet. It is over 72 km long. The lake is surrounded by many snow-capped mountains and is fed by numerous small streams. it has more than eleven arms. On the way back to Lhasa, you will visit a Tibetan family to see the real Tibetan lives and get more authentic Tibet travel experience

Day 7
Drive to Gongkar airport and fly to Ji Nan option to Peking by Train.

Day 8
Option Peking

Day 9
Peking to Jinan

Day 10
Jinan to Helsinki

The trip cost inculde

  • Flight return ticket from Helsinki to Jinan and Tibet
  • Visa for China and Tibet
  • Accommodation as mentioned in the program for Tibet tour
  • All entry fees to the Tibet travel sightseeing
  • All necessary Tibet entry and road permits for Tibet travel
  • 1 English speaking local Tibetan travel guide
  • Breakfast for entire Tibet tour
  • Yamdrok lake conservation fee
  • Permit delivery fee
  • Oxygen in the Tibet tourist vehicle incase needed

The trip cost exculde

  • Lunch and dinner for entire Tibet tour
  • Personal Insurance , medical, travel and evacuation insurance
  • Personal expenses such as (alcoholic beverages, laundry, phone call, etc)
  • Any extra cost in the event of landslides and personal nature expenses need to be paid by clients themselves

Frequently ased question


Regardin Tibet entry and road permits, we have several different kinds of permits that are required to be made before you start your trip. Generally, we need to make your Tibet entry and road permits from Tibet Tourism Bureau for the normal tours, such as Everest base camp tour, Lhasa city tour,Tsetang, Gyangtse, Shigatse,and Natso tour. But for the restricted traveling areas, including Mount Kailash tour, Eastern Tibet tour or, Kham trekking, we need to make four different kinds of Tibet entry and road permits from four different government.


For the normal Tibet tour, it will take one week to complete and it will take two weeks to complete for the restricted traveling areas mentioned above.


You can confidently trust in us for all your Tibet trip arrangement. It is really easy for us to arrange your Tibet traveling permits, as we are a fully registered local travel agent, authorized by the China National Tourism Bureau, in Beijing, and Tibet Tourism Bureau, in Lhasa, respectively.


No matter how large or small your group or even if you are just one person, Tibet Shambhala Adventure can arrange your Tibet entry and road permits without any problem. Besides, we arrange two-month permits when we have special clients who are willing to travel longer.


The related government offices work from Monday to Friday afternoon and we need to apply with all your documents for the permits in the morning and withdraw the permits in the afternoon during those working days.


There are two ways of beginning your Tibet trip. If you come to Tibet from mainland China, you need to show Tibet entry and road permits at your boarding gate. After we finish your Tibet entry and road permit, we will deliver them in the city in mainland China from which you are entering Tibet. If you come from Nepal to Tibet, you do not need to show your Tibet permit at the airport in Nepal. You can directly board in and your Tibet entry and road permit will come with your local Tibetan guide when he comes to pick you up at the airport.


Yes, you need to make another permit, known as P.S.B permit ( aliens permit ) if you are traveling out of Lhasa after your arrival. Please bear in mind that we need your original passport and visa to issue the P.S.B permit. Without the original passport or visa, we cannot make this permit.


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Trip Facts

  • Accommodation as mentioned in the program
  • Breakfast for entire Tibet tour